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almost as ridiculous as google+ not supporting ipod touch
why do i always get the "can't open in 64bit mode" warning the first time i open 10.4? i'm on snow leopard, and there's no "open in 32bit mode" checkbox in the get info....? help? it's a bit annoying
just downloaded the update for snow leopard. riddle me this; if itunes is now "proper" cocoa/64-bit, then why is it incompatible with app extensions such as Afloat? also, the fact that it's 64-bit for Lion only leads me to believe that some OS-level hackery has been employed to make this happen
i really don't get what's so onerous about this - registered owners of an app ought to be able to submit their apple ids to the developer, who passes them on to apple, who authorise download of the MAS version of the app on that accounthow is that not possible to do? it would certainly dramatically speed the move over to the MAS. it seems totally counterproductive not to permit this
the XCode GM is 4.2, not 4.1...
i can never find these things! link, please?
all this moaning... what i wouldn't give for logic pro to get the same kind of ground up engine rewrite...
ping will fail until it's integrated with facebook...
very subtle and tasteful if you ask me
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