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it is a bit pathetic that the deals currently don't permit this - after all, the labels' motivation behind it is the idea that customers, on losing their tracks, will purchase new copies to replace the lost ones. i doubt that many people would happily want to do this with 1s and 0s
massive in the japanese market, which is a massive market. need we say more?
any news on aqua scroll bars??
was hoping i could start using this soon, but it is sadly still very much bug-ridden; not being able to connect to svn is quite the deal breaker
i might be wrong, but i don't seem to recall "app" being an everyday word until the app store was born. has it entered the dictionary yet? surely it's overdue if not
that's crazy young
edit: don't worry, my bad, had the wrong combo updater
hoping this will solve intermittent freezing issues: http://discussions.info.apple.com/th...981&tstart=120 http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtop...f=19&t=1110585 etc.
you'd hope so............. \ won't be holding my breath, though \
i thought parallels was about perfect around version 4, but has since turned in on itself and featured-bloated. 64-bit support sounds nice, but to be honest v5 ran like a dog in comparison to 4 no thanks, guys
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