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create a concatenated raid set in disk utility. the drives will have to be empty first, though
i probably won't be the only one to point this out, but the last major version of gnome just swapped the default side for the window buttons...
i'm sure i won't be the first to have pointed this out, but $99 = ..... £99
i'm siding with itv the broadcaster on this one. apple tv is a perfectly good name, and lord knows they have enough brand recognition these days...
select video > advanced > create x version
in spite of this advice, i went for the quad-core i5. i'm no video renderer and this will be perfectly adequate for my needs. sold my mid-2007 24" for 45% of the price i got it for as well, so i'll certainly be hoping to get a similar return on this investment in a minimum of 3 years time
have you done it? it's really not that bad at all
edit: ok, everyone else spotted that, too
and no reason to doubt this. i imagine it was him
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