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also, VAT due to go up 2.5% next year, so that means if i wait i'll be paying an extra 17.5%.... i do feel like quad-core is desirable, but the price is a bit OUCH
hi guys, so here's where i am: so for the past 3 years i have been the proud owner of a 1st gen 24" aluminium imac, 2.4ghz core 2 duo, 4gb ram, self-upgraded 1tb hard-drive, etc. i've been immensely happy with it, and continue to be. it has recently had a full service on its soon-to-be-expired apple care, including a new display (due to ghosting issues)... so the question: at the moment i'm a master's student, and will be up until the end of september. this does,...
beat me to it!
one of these might well be mine in a few months. what's opinions on the video cards? any good? i'm not knowledgeable about such things
hmmm... interesting news. an upgrade to my first gen aluminium imac is a possibility, and i will qualify for edu discount until the end of sep. would be great if they come out before then so i can qualify for a free ipod touch which i won't hold onto what are the chances considering the back to school offers are in progress?
sounds like the bookmark syncing feature is the source of the problem
i like. it's like firefox's power and features with a safari style interface and smaller footprint. will be my main browser from now on if all goes well thanks for notes about privacy, will look into it (little snitch)
why not install ubuntu? wasn't hard to convert my mum - just point her in the direction of firefox and good to go
i'm having trouble understanding all this animosity towards gizmodo
potentially useful to supplement normal syncing. but as observed, not a replacement
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