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as someone who lived in japan for six years up until last year, let me point out to you all that the (closed) japanese cellphone market is full of pieces of plastic rubbish with a million poorly integrated features and a user interface straight out of a unix console from the 70s the ipod is extremely popular, it's not surprising that the japanese showed an interest in the iphone, and it's not surprising that they found a lot to like in comparison to the phones they had...
i need to stop reading US-based news sites, seeing as it reminds me that the US prices are TWENTY-EIGHT PER CENT lower than those in the UK *sigh*
hi all, i realise this is a very common topic, and i've googled and found plenty of information, however i wanted to post because i can't seem to find any answer as to whether or not my airport express may actually be defective. reason being, i can't get more than a maximum of 75% signal level (from istumbler), averaging more like 60%, even when right next to the unit. this is with a free channel (13) not conflicting with other signals. i've tried various other channels...
logic is an OLD piece of work, dating back decades in its previously inceptions. i imagine it's the sort of project that (unfortunately) requires a lot of work to keep it up with the times, love it though i do
don't think i have any issues at all with 10.6.2..
i think you're really right about this. what with all the controversy at the moment about executive salaries/bonuses, you have right here a solid gold way to tie executive income to long-term company performance.
indeed. i've been thinking they were holding that trademark in reserve for some reason like this. let me just throw E-BOOK READER into the fold
this deal could factor me in! will have to wait on the word from the ubber geeks (probably stuff magazine) as to how this deal really weighs up
indeed. EVERY developed country has realised this, but america (with its pathological obsession with the "S" word) continues to paint itself into corners, trying to fit square pegs into round holes
there are increasing signs that the beginning of the end of microsoft's monopolistic dominance of the industry has started. but it's going to take a LONG time. the majority of the world's computer users aren't even aware that there is a separation between computer use and microsoft. for them computer = windows, web browser = internet explorer, word processor = word. it wasn't like this for a long time, but MS were allowed to take a vice-like grip over the industry. i would...
New Posts  All Forums: