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this happened to me once recently as well. lil bug? quite annoying as selecting shut down was somewhat difficult without being able to see the cursor!
yah, i suspected that but it just came across wrong!
...so that I can read the miniscule recorded digital pits???
eh? i don't think i understand you here!
really not sure where to put this thread, hope this is ok! basically i've got a dvd that i burnt last year using an unreliable usb dvd burner on my old windows laptop. it worked ok for a while, but when i tried to access it recently it just comes up as a blank disc. you can see from the back of the disc that about 3/4 is burnt, but it's not accessible. can anyone recommend any software to access the files at low level? i have seen a few programs on the net, but no...
that does indeed make a lot of sense!
i would've thought if you appear to be of high-school age, id would hardly be necessary!! but i don't actually know. a letter served fine for me.
using virtual pc, i've recently been playing with installing the likes of windows 1.0, msdos 1.0, msdos 6.22 (remember that?!), windows 95, windows 3.11 etc.! my my we've come a LONG way in that time! try it, it's a fascinating trip down software memory lane!
yeah, mine is a coupla centimetres. surprising, but fine once you get used to it.
hi all, i really like entourage as an email client, but i've set up my inbox rules, and it seems like they don't auto-apply when mail is received. the rules are set up and set to enable, but MOST mail doesn't get sorted on first arrival. after arrival i can select all the mail, right-click and select apply all rules and it works fine, but it doesn't seem to work automatically. does anyone else have this problem? is it a known bug?
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