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i was thinking of doing this. making the external my "media" drive. does it work well through itunes? i assume you have to remember not to open itunes with the drive unplugged? what happens if you forget?
schweet. if i had a printer i'd do this right now. just for the hell of it!
...or an iphoto slideshow of tasteful watercolour landscapes to THAT classical guitar piece
just set up some smart playlists in itunes for things like; 25 most recently added tunes 25 most played tunes 25 least played tunes 25 random tracks from the 90s and then start setting up lists with random quotas of tracks from certain genres etc. THEN tell me browsing through finder is superior! and none of those finder windows to keep opening and closing. are we winning you over yet?
this one is REALLY not looking like standing up in court!
to access their ego?
hi all, thinking about buying a firewire hd soon, and was wondering if i should expect the drive to support daisy chaining. that's the whole point of firewire, yes? currently i have my ipod cable plugged into the firewire port and should i buy an hd, could i reasonably expect it to have a port in the back to connect my ipod cable in series? obviously we can't speak for ALL drives, but should it be expected? thanks
so you like to access the mp3s directly, dbl-click to open, do file functions, etc? well when i was on pc i used to like that as well, and i also hated mediaplayer's cataloguing. however, now i've realised i can do all that much more conveniently through an application such as itunes or iphoto. give it a try!
i'm a teacher, but only semi "in the system", so i used a letter from my school as proof of status. but i teach junior high kids all day, so i deserve it, dammit! a great price; it's less than half of the equivalent UK price.
yeah, that was a classic
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