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i prefer logic, ta
lol, though to be fair that really doesn't happen anymore. but they were a kind of source of "amusement" in the win95 days...
some huge irony on this thread!
yes, but instead of accessing your files directly, use an appropriate application to access them. os x and windows filesystems essentially "look" the same, but an application gives you the flexibility to find the music/photos/documents in whatever manner is quickest and easiest at that particular time. i've come round to this way of thinking in just 2 weeks on mac. you can too!
in my experience, it should be called; iTunes, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Folder Structure don't worry about where the files "are", just use the software interface. worrying about the file structure is a windows hangup. trust me, i know!
ordered this last night for \\67400. that's about 640 USD, or 335 pounds, less than HALF of the uk full price. whoop!
transfer allocation exceeded. i wanna see i wanna see
quickest way to disable services is by running services.msc from the run box... HOWEVER, there are some discerning voice around about this increasing desire to disable services. i have heard that you shouldn't disable them from services.msc but somewhere else. just for an anecdote, disabling services made msbackup stop working and FOR THE LIFE OF ME i couldn't get it working again. lack of ability to back up almost caused me to lose all my stuff not long ago. i'm...
hi all, a little bird told me the educational discount price for logic pro 7 is about $500, ie about FIFTY PER CENT of the full retail price. can this miracle be true? if so it's a deal AND A HALF, the sale of the century and worringly tempting for my much abused visa card. can't find a discount price on the apple website, can anyone help me find this? also, could anyone remind me of the yearly edu discount allowances? already bought a new pb on discount.
ok. well i only want one of those 250/300gig behemoths for mass storage, not strictly everyday use so i think i'll be fine.
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