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yep, 8x, tho i've only burnt one dvd so far! still seemed worth it tho and the superdrive model has an extra 20gig of hdd.
so are usb2 ext hdd's ok? don't worry, randycat, i also have a drive hooked up using a card adaptor that also had an ide cable adaptor. i suppose i should be worry the same way as you, but it's only a backup drive which i hope to sell soon.
buy now! i got my 12" superdrive 2 weeks ago and it's great! the longer you wait now, the longer you'll end up waiting, if you see what i mean.
glad i bought the superdrive as well. finally i have a burner for cd/dvd that i can rely on!
is there no power switch on the hd itself?
hello everyone, well, although in danger of preaching to the converted, i think i can now officially declare myself to be a certified mac convert. have now had my 12" s/drive pb for about 11 days and we are now cruising together. i think the turning point was getting my old emails & addresses all up together in entourage and tidying up the mess of moving my files from my old pc. i won't labour too much on things that i like about it. generally i will just say that i...
this kinda reminds me of that scene in forrest gump where leiutenant dan buys some shares in "a fruit company"!
i've already changed the button so it's for entourage. would selecting photos then clicking it allow me to resize and then mail? that would be just SUPER
me again. infamous noob spammer well i emailed my first pics from iphoto last night, dragging and dropping into entourage. only thing is, there appears to be no option to quickly and easily resize the pics for email. it would be great if i could drag and drop and something popped up to ask me if i wanted to resize for email and would then create a temporary (and hidden) resized version to send in the email. that would be perfect! and surely many people want...
NAIL ON HEAD!! in some sharing clients i only want to share certain genres. yes, i sorted the iphoto's prob by dragging each folder separately into the left albums pane. took a little while but it's how i want it now.
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