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mine seems to be ok....
'cos of filesharing!!! anyhows, sorted out the initial iphoto issue. discovered the view by roll feature and made albums for all my rolls as well. so i'm happy now
navigating using the browser in itunes is fine, it's just that i'd like to have the folder structure organised by genre. seems no can do unless there's a hack? gonna experiment more with iphoto. got a feeling i'll have to organise manually tho
iphoto - yep sounds ok, but is there any way to automate this process based on the folder structure when you import? my photos are in folders according to album. re; itunes, i want the folder structure to be organised genre/artist/album. seems like i can't do that tho
me again i've imported all of my old photos into iphoto now, but for the time being i've kept the originals because i'm not sure if i like iphoto's organisation method. correct me if i'm wrong, but it seems to lump them all together in chronological order whereas i prefer to have them in small albums based on particular places/events where i took my camera, and then have the albums in chronological order. if that makes sense! iphoto doesn't seem to let me browse...
hey hey, thanks all for your comments. i hear you on the rethinking front. of course having just spent all that money on a totally new platform any anxieties are somewhat amplified, don't you think?? i will probably see about buying a book this weekend. can anyone suggest one? was tempted by the david pogue switcher's missing manual book if i can locate it in tokyo.
hi, can anyone point me in the direction of a free online os x beginner's guide? especially one that is geared towards "switchers"? i'm doing ok, but it might be nice to have a structured introduction to the system, esp. if it can point out some of the shortcuts that i'm surely missing at the moment. thanks!
hmmm... that doesn't seem to be the case. the grid size doesn't change. well it seems to change at the smallest icon size, but then as soon as you take your eyes of an icon you've moved it'll pop to another location. in fact the grid seems to be designed for the maximum icon size! is there a hack anywhere? i really like to have my icons neatly aligned
one other thing... how do i decrease the size of the "grid" when i snap to grid on the desktop?
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