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lots of great advice! thanks guys!
i have a 12". dunno about the 15", it may have an s-video output plug as well or you might have to get the adaptor.
well i got an ms wireless intellimouse explorer 2, and very nice it is too!
hi all, was wondering if it's possible to get a solution for s-video output on a new model powerbook without forking out $20 for apple's version. is it a common kind of adaptor?
is the mac version g5 only then? would love to play this, but i consider gaming to be a bit of a waste of time these days. of course retro-gaming is a different matter! THAT's nostalgia!
wow, i've been wrong all along! america really IS the only country in the world!
hello all, thanks to everyone who answered my questions prior to purchase. on thursday night i went to the apple store in ginza, tokyo and purchased my 12" s/drive powerbook . 10% education discount and the guy who served me was very quirky! he seemed genuinely touched that i wasn't concerned about the japanese keyboard!\ anyway, luckily i had a long w/e to experiment. had my ups and downs at first. certainly getting over the initial hurdles and then getting around...
i would advise against getting the cheapest. i've had so many problems with cheap and unreliable cdr/dvdr drives in the past. try to spend more if you can. just my 2c
well, major incidents excluded, i'll be going to buy my 12" superdrive pb tomorrow. of course it's entirely possible they won't have stock at the shop... we'll see... luckily have a long weekend this week to play with it. i hope they have stock!
the way i set up my smart playlists is by using a kind of "quota" system. i'm quite genre orientated, i have a 15gb pod, so i tend to set up quotas of particular genres, say a random 3gigs of rock, 3gigs of live stuff etc. then i make another list with a random selection of whatever's left. using checkboxes i can disclude tracks that i don't want to listen to on the move or am bored of. this is quicker than making stacks of "manual" playlists... seems to work for me
New Posts  All Forums: