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plus for google; this is surely generating free publicity for google docs! as for M$, they're really playing catch-up now. a lot of people will use this due to blind obedience to M$, or ignorance of their options, but this sort of thing really clashes with the MS business model. they're still going to dominate for a while, but things have not been going their way for a long time now
10.5.8 before next tuesday, pleaseplasepleasepleaseplease!
i have a feeling that in the real world this is down to the fact that, after 15 years of market monopolisation, M$ have the world believing that its software is indispensable. remember when IE came with an icon named "The Internet"? a lot of casual computer users do not know about alternatives to microsoft options and (after torturous experiences with M$ software, i would argue!) are even less willing to try. i think that breaking the microsoft domination of the industry...
the firmware update was for broadcom chipsets only. not my imac, which is still unusable with my bluetooth mouse. it works perfectly under windows on the same machine so it's a software issue; with os x. good news for you, but OTHER PEOPLE are still having issues. unless you believe we're all liars \
oh dear lord PLEEEEEASE! it's really awful. anytime i boot into windows my bluetooth mouse works perfectly. PERFECTLY. when it goes to sleep it takes a split second to wake us, whereas under OS X it rarely stays connected for more than a couple of minutes and sometimes takes that long to wake up surely this update is due in a week or two
i think they'll make this possible. that's just an assumption, though, but i think the effort needed to make it so would be minimal and the moaning if they didn't would be maximal!
lost connections on my new bluetooth mouse. and sometimes takes an age to wake up. have had to keep my apple mouse of the desktop as a result. to make matters worse it works flawlessly under bootcamp windows the bluetooth firmware update wasn't for my hardware. it's definitely a software issue. i tried going back to 10.5.6 but it didn't make a significant difference. seems others have been having problems and it's on the fixes list. this is the first time i've had a...
PLEASE get 10.5.8 done and dusted asap! these bluetooth connection lost issues are killing me!
nice. but uninspiring \
i'm praying this will come out during july. otherwise i'll be forced to revert to 10.5.6 in the hope it'll fix my bluetooth mouse connection problems
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