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thanks guys i may even splash out on my 'book tomorrow or weds! either way it's looking like i can't wait any longer now. going on plastic, but i'm usually well behaved
hi all, the time of my powerbook buying is perhaps drawing closer by the day! so i have a question re; peripherals: yes, guilty, i am a pc two-button-mouse person and i plan to take this depolarable habit with me into the world of mac and me. but before you all flog me to death in the streets i ask you to forgive me this indigression and provide me with information. i know that os x supports 2 button mice, but how about the scroll wheel? when i buy my 'book i should...
"they avoided heat issues by running a 2.0 GHz processor at 1.2 GHz."
"Baby Bear, Mamma Bear, and Papa Bear"
i really have to agree. people should start viewing computer purchases more like car purchases. you wouldn't choose a car that goes 140mph over a car that goes 70mph if the car that goes 140mph's wheels were liable to fall off, would you? i've had a lot of problems in the past. some just frustrating, others more serious. problem is it can be hard to know when you're getting quality components and when you're not.
if apple don't seem to care then it's surprising that the shop would care! it's not like it's a legal thing or anything, it's a voluntarily provided discount! i think i'll go with the letter option, which means i may be buying my 'book in about 3 weeks!
to clarify, i'm an assistant english teacher at a junior high in suburban tokyo, so not really the same kind of situation. i'm paid indirectly from the BOE through an agency which provides my HR. i don't want to buy online as if i buy at a regular camera store i'll qualify for 10-15% additional shop credit, which is rather tempting!
i second that! fantastic images.
that would be good, not worried about them seeing the numbers but i'm not sure whether my payslip says my school on it. principal's letter would surely be fine, wouldn't it?
hi all, hoping to buy a powerbook with an edu discount in the next few months, and was wondering what kind of proof i should show. i'm a teacher but don't have any official kind of id, so do you think a letter from my principal or board of education would be ok? also, can all apple stockists provide the discount or do these have to come direct from a company apple store or online? thanks!
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