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well i'll probably ease into logic slowly as i still need to learn to use it. i'm willing to play that one by ear, but thanks for the info. i hear good things about logic's freeze function though??
you guys are so friendly well it will probably be the 12" for me. my budget won't stretch too far, so i think it will be safe. no purchase for at least a month tho probably patience, patience!
hi all, well the powerbook update has hit, and whilst some people have been unimpressed, i was pleasantly surprised since i've been waiting (only a little while, admittedly) for this before i seriously consider purchasing.portability is important as i am a little "international" at the moment! current machine; p450 celeron wintel laptop. usage; hobbying music production (currently on reason), mp3s, photos, net, email & word processing "desired" machine; either...
all valid points, but i don't think it's a case of wanting to make the mac into a pc, i just want to minimise the switch-over learning time when i won't be productive. i've been using soundforge for years and can use it quickly and effectively. it will be a shame to have to abandon it though i don't doubt there are other excellent packages available.
ah yes, peak, i used that in my one and only period of time spent in a "mac" studio. that's definitely one to consider. i know what you mean about the incredible shrinking studio! fantastic what you can do now! i do crave a real mixing desk tho
man, this gets me thinking about all the computers in the labs at my old uni (which i left in 2002, before the age of "spyware"). damn, those machines must either be riddled with spyware or the it department would've had to do a LOT of work to avoid it. and that's a LOT of expense as well
http://grc.com/spinrite.htm this program SOMEHOW saved my drive that started the dreaded clicking last weekend. i ran this program on it and somehow (i have no idea how) it fixed it enough to get my data off. it still clicks a little and i'll be returning the drive (only 7 months old ) but the important thing is a got the data off! if you can in anyway get your drive hooked up to a pc then email me about this program.
hi all, thinking of making the switch to mac soon, mostly for audio work, but was very disappointed to discover that sony/sonicfoundry soundforge is pc only. this is an excellent application that i've been using for over 5 years and it will be hard to move to another. it is a digital audio editing package, what are the leading mac equivalents and is anyone able to make direct comparisons? thanking you! j
it's kinda good that this might take a while cos i don't really have the money at the moment!
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