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great if it comes about june/july cos i'll still qualify for the edu discount, hopefully
what do you think?
i recently saved my hard drive using a program called spinrite. it's a pc (dos, actually!) application, but i THINK it's also compatible with mac drives... either way it saved my hide!
thanks guys i think it will make sense to go for a pb. i want to move up to stuff like logic and vst instruments. it's a shame i can't get a powermac, but realistically those things are HUGE! also, my 60gig 2.5" hd on my old pc fried on friday. i managed to get the data off and am now hoping to complain and get some store credit which can count towards my pb purchase after purchase i'll get further store credit to the value of about 15% that i can use to buy a new,...
hullo forum well, i've decided i'm gonna make the move to mac in the next few months. i want to get more serious about (for now at least!) hobbying music production and want to upgrade from my measly celeron 450 laptop. portability is important, so looks like i will have to go for a g4 laptop this will actually be my 1st proper computer investment, though i like to think i know my stuff! few qs 1) granted there are updates coming, i think i'm gonna go for a...
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