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praying this will make my new bluetooth mouse work as it should!! edit: URGH! not even for my imac! looks like i'll be waiting until 10.5.8 ;(
i bought a bluetooth mouse over the weekend, and as such became aware of a seemingly common problem with 10.5.7: bluetooth timeout/disconnection problems. glad to see at least that it is on the list to be fixed, so let's hope the update comes out soon
i can't see them removing the option of a clean install. whilst not necessary as it is with windows, a new operating system release is a good time to have a clean out. it usually helps me to decide which apps i'm actually using and which i can discard. i can see there being just a simple "please insert you leopard disc as proof of purchase" verification
i thought this might happen one of these days. it is deeply ironic, however. like tobacco companies selling nicotine patches and cancer treatments
that's cool. i've often wanted to convert an online article into spoken text so i can listen on the go and now it'll be automatic
i also started wondering about this this week. i have the 1st gen aluminium 24" imac with ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO. i'm certainly hoping that it will be supported, seeing as it's a recent model as far as i'm concerned
plugging an audio jack into a laptop is a BAD idea in my experience. anything you can do with a digital audio in can be done better and more safely with usb, very cheaply, these days
surprised to see no news/discussion of major interface changes
so many doubters on this thread! Leopard destroys hard drives + ? sure to result in data loss
it's to compensate for the audio editing features that logic still lacks. fingers crossed this is in the works for logic 9 and bundling STP will no longer be necessary
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