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absolutely. i'm getting downright sick of being told on other stores that i may not legally purchase a track in my region. do these people not want customers? the music industry really is its own worst enemy
i don't usually wade in on debates such as these, but i think you should look a little into the history of the computer business. it is in fact microsoft that is the black sheep of the pack, developing operating systems for generic hardware. up until they hit the scene the computer business was a hardware business, and hardware manufacturers developed operating systems appropriate and compatible for their hardware. the hardware and the operating system provided by the...
the final list is ludicrous. is there any attempt to justify why all these purchases have to be made whereas they aren't on the windows side? mobileme is only really worthwhile if you own an iphone as well
apple seems to have found its way into the japanese "designer" niche; when it comes to more utilitarian products the japanese are highly inclined to buy domestic, but conversely when they are looking for something with aesthetic value they'll most likely buy anything but domestic. and this seems to have little to do with intrinsic values of japanese products, more to do with preconceived notions about style
i had a giggle when i googled the p905i; yet another clunky brick j-cellphone with no doubt the same lists and lists of confusing and badly organised text menus. as a 6 years japan resident i can also confirm that japanese cellphones might initially impress with their features, but try using them on a day-to-day basis, and have some concept of how much better designed phones could be, and the impression will not last long
the problem with software protection is there is almost always a way round it and even when there isn't you usually end up punishing the legitimate purchasers of your software more. as someone who was forced to carry around the logic pro XS key for years until it was made redundant, i can speak from experience
restorting a time machine backup is probably the simplest way, although when i've upgraded my hard drives in the past i've ended up having to reinstall os x over the top in order to get the new drive booting properly. not sure why this is
seems google went a bit crazy this evening in general. seems to be fixed now
i use yojimbo. also handy for storing all kinds of random rubbish that would otherwise be on my desktop
this thread should really be in general discussion, but in answer to your question, yes. maxing out the ram and hard drive are advisable but not essential at first. if you want to record vocals it'll be necessary to get some kind of simple interface such as the edirol ua-25. i belive the white macbook still has firewire so a firewire interface is also worth considering
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