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http://boingboing.net/2008/09/26/wal...tting-dow.html can't remember if this is the main story i heard about, but the danger of rental music is that the provider might decide to abandon the service, shut down the servers and kiss goodbye to all that music you paid good money for
amen to that. very cryptic and especially annoying when you want to be serious about keyboard shortcuts in logic pro
hi, i have a smart mailbox in mail that i'm trying to use to keep the dock icon updated for unread mail items to one of my three mail accounts. i've succeeded in making a smart folder to do this but the only problem is it doesn't auto-update. if i click on the smart folder its listing with update with the number of unread messages in the blue circle and my dock icon will also update but this is a bit pointless if it won't do it automatically. is there anyway to force...
indeed. shame. i do hope it's not too far off, though. i've decided i'm a bit overdue a good clean out of my system and the release of a new OS (esp one geared at efficiency and stability) would be a great time to do this.
so.. was it actually demoed?
my 1st generation alu imac has developed an odd yellow hued patch in the bottom right on the screen which is not always obvious. haven't seen any other reports of this odd effect
this update logs on SO much faster than the previous one. i have quite a lot of stuff in my startup items and the previous versions stalled for ages before everything loaded up. now it's less than a minute
i posted about this ages ago and most people scoffed at the idea. i mean, they already own the perfect trademark; ibook!
this is true of any languagethis is true of any language. why do you think / :o / :x were invented?emoji is popular because it is fun, well-established and (all-importantly) cute. i'm surprised no one is commenting on infrared beaming between phones. this is one unique function of japanese phones that is genuinely useful
so what is this secret technology of which you speak? i've been in tokyo 5 years and whilst i was initially impressed by full-colour screen phones when i arrived here i have since been envious of the nokias friends back in the uk have. at least it seems like someone made an effort to design an interface for them. and i doubt they have to listen to beeps for almost a minute whilst my keitai tries to connect to the overloaded networks and can't even get a signal at all if...
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