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 http://www.apple.com/ios/ios8/photos/?cid=wwa-us-kwg-features-com Photos. Every photo you take. On all your devices. See as this is one of the  main features of iOS 8, I don't think Cooke is only speaking about the actresses. 
 I doubt they say anything directly about the celeb nudes.  At the same time one of their key features will be trusting all of our photos from Macs and iOS devices to iCloud, they absolutely will need to address how this information will be protected. 
 Pretty much could be said for any online service. Though I can agree if someone targets you and is motivated enough to get through, that does show that there are still inherent flaws in the system. Which also raises another question, is there really an absolutely faultless system?
You are making the assumption that this is common knowledge everyone should have. You make the assumption that their passwords were as simple as "cat" or "dog", we really don't know. There are areas of expertise were we all fall short of knowledge that could help us, I don't think that makes us stupid. Many of us are busy and we cannot be experts at everything.I'd venture to believe these young women had little idea their were people out there willing to spend so much time...
 I emphatically do not agree with blaming the victim for a crime committed against them. 
 First they need to figure out exactly what happened and how it happened, before they can make any claims to not being responsible for it.
 It more impacts Apple's plans to have everyone upload all of their photos to iCloud. I image next week they will have to go into some detail explaining how they secure the photos.
I don't understand the point of any of that.
Here is a story about a guy who was offered to pay to see the pics weeks ago.   http://deadspin.com/this-guy-was-sharing-the-hacked-celeb-nudes-weeks-befor-1629384848
The iBrute hack was relatively new and how would someone find all of those email addresses and find all of the passwords in such a short amount of time. Not to mention some of the victims are Android users.  Its possible iBrute was used to access some of these photos, but I cannot see it possible to have gotten all of them. 
New Posts  All Forums: