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I disagree. Its a great idea to use services like Foursquare and Yelp. This puts less pressure on Apple to collect, aggregate, update, and check information. Foursquare and Yelp gathers their information from users of the service. On the opposite side of that Google attempts to gather their own information and compete directly against everyone else.
When did 2.35:1 become a Blu-ray specific aspect ratio?
You also miss the fact that tens of millions of iPhone 4/4S, iPad 2/3 can play these 1080P movies connected through HDMI to an HD television.
You are correct that encoders have greatly improved by leaps and bounds. I'm sure that now the software can do a lot of the work that was manually done a few years ago. Where I disagree with you is in the fact that compression is much an art as it is a science. Encoders have improved on the science, but they will never equal the eye of a trained professional. In your mind media companies are using the same off the shelf software the rest of us use. This is not true. All...
Blu-ray has the edge on quality. No need to keep arguing that point. Where the argument now is on streaming/downloading being good enough that the mass market could choose it as a viable option despite the fact that Blu-ray has better quality. Those who advocate for Blu-ray are working so hard to advocate because they know the quality gap is small enough to edge the mass market towards streaming/downloading as their preference. Also the reason why Hollywood is bending over...
This is true and many here arguing for Blu-ray feel quality should trump convenience. The irony being that this same equations fits Blu-ray. Blu-ray is lesser quality than theatrical presentation and is more convenient. Why should the progress of convince somehow stop with Blu-ray?
It gets more complicated than that. I've had some access to see how Hollywood studios encode movies for DVD. At least when it comes to big Hollywood movies where they care about the quality of the end product, the process is very much manually done. Largely all of the tools used are proprietary. The encoding software is proprietary. They have a person who makes a choice about how each scene is compressed. They manually add compression and decrease compression to maximize...
I don't believe any of us here are vehemently anti-physical media. We are just being realistic about where the larger market is headed in regard to enjoying media.
You know there are multiple profiles that Blu-ray can support, they don't have to use H.264 Main Profile.
Arstechnica and Apple Insider are not the same at all.
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