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Hmm Siri is also still in beta... I really hope that Apple finalize this, still some work todo, but yeah there are for the moment no better alternatives, let's hope that Microsoft is not better in this area, come on Siri ;-)
Way to GO Apple !!!
If the deal comes true, I hope Apple has enough supply able to deliver...
And iTunes Radio not available outside the US
There are also battery issues Even disabling background app updates and Bluetooth off, in one night standby from 100% to 74%...with iOS 6 was 87%...
not surprising that there are waiting times, everyone wants it ;-)
Apple.com website still announces IOS7 will be here shortly,,,,I guess they also have to update :-)
When i posted my opinion yesterday I mentioned stock price falling, you gave some rather flat comments on that, now you see the reality.There is not enough price space between 5C and 5S, here in Europe we will pay more than 550€ (around 650$) for a 16GB 5C.This is bordering on ridicoclous ! and yes, we are talking plastic ....whatever the 'geniuses' at Apple may call it.What use is for instance the 64bit CPU for us end users? all we care about is speed and longer battery...
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