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At last! Brussels European center of europe
Looking out for 9/9/14....then all these rumours can stop about this useless thing that no one will buy, market is now already over saturated :-)
Next Apple store in Brussels, main city of europe and NATO hq....when...?
Did Bono not say he would make poverty history? In that case Bono, stop attacking companies that help your cause!
I do not believe ONE word of this rumours.   Are we waiting for this ? What’s the ‘added’ value ?   Usability....price... in a market already over flooded with brands and models so much there is almost market saturation, and Apple is coming with a watch ! yeah right!   I remember years ago the Apple I-TV rumours and market speculations, the same situation on the markets as with watches, price margins and dozens of brands in all flavours. Steve Jobs had ‘found the...
And Apple / Europe did it again, price in US :1099$ = 809 EURO Not in reality, in Europe we pay 1129 EURO = 1,535$ Difference = 436$ extra compared to the US price! When is this ridiculous pricing (taxing) stuff going to end? with Iphone/Ipad the differences are even much higher! So...be happy you US guys :-)
The so called ‘Iwatch’ will go the same way as the ‘ITV’, i will NOT launch and all the speculation will be lost as with the ‘ITV’   When ‘folded’ displays/leds/oleds will be common in a few years, maybe then but now in 2014-15, no way!   In my view, the ‘added value’ of an ‘Iwatch’ is useless so long as the battery and the integration are not solved, there is NO way the ‘new digital’ watches have the same ‘life’ span as analog watches.   If the Iwatch has a battery...
And here we go again, RUMORS until october ..? On WWDC not a word about hardware not even small updates about products, 3 days later the rumors start again, I think that Tim Cook must be having a lot of fun with all these websites guessing all the time. Can AppleInsider please stick to FACTS please, otherwise what's the point ? this is a NEWS site, not a best-guess rumor site. Only my view, that's all, may be someone reads and reacts on this.
Hmm Siri is also still in beta... I really hope that Apple finalize this, still some work todo, but yeah there are for the moment no better alternatives, let's hope that Microsoft is not better in this area, come on Siri ;-)
Way to GO Apple !!!
New Posts  All Forums: