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the technical selling may continue til the end of the year but I am hoping that Friday of next week will be the last before a Santa Clause rally.  When a rally in Apple does occur it might be fast and furious.
By my calculations most of the technical selling due to the change in tax rates has occurred.  At most, investors will only have to wait another few days before a major reversal will take the stock substantially higher.
I guess I will know if I am right by Jan 7, 2013.  If the money comes pouring back into the stock by then (or if a deal is done before then which keeps long term capital gains tax rate the same), I think we will know what the culprit was.
if you compare apples' chart with googles' over the last 3 years you will see that holders of apple stock are likely to have a much larger profit!
to some degree it has happened to other stocks but apple has such a large share price that individual investors do not own enough to trade in volumes large enough to significantly affect the price.  Institutional investors do however, and when they trade in large volumes because of tax implications or portfolio performance metrics it can quickly alter not only the stock price but also perception of the stocks value.
its all about the taxes $$$
I figured it out, if about half of all apple shares were traded at an average profit of $120 each, subject to the 15% capital gains tax, the government would net $7.5 billion in new taxes on apple alone.................There you go
This sell-off is all about the capital gains tax rate.  Unfortunately, it will continue  till the end of the year (or, although unlikely, until a deal is worked out which leaves rates unchanged for now).  Think of all the new tax money the government will get this year as a result of the "fiscal cliff" scare.  All of those stock holders with large capital gains selling to lock in the 15% rate, and of course, then paying taxes which would not have been paid this year...
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