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Darn - I was looking forward to shopping all of the Carrier plans at one time and actually having a convenient way to choose my data plan.   btw - a new Apple SIM costs $5 at the Apple Store. Not sure what ATT charges for a new SIM but I will be finding out tomorrow. If they are free I will be picking up a new one daily just to piss them off. If not I have no need for ATT.
Quote: Why would a blind person choose Android in the first place? Because their phone salesperson was ignorant or needed to make their boat payment this month and sold them an Android phone? Maybe?
"School administrators will be able to select....." Oh yes the School Administrators are the best people to make the selection. Not Teachers, Students or Parents.
27.0" iMac (2.9GHz/8GB/1TB) $1,659.99 $1,699.99 $1,659.99 $1,659.99$1,659.99! $139.01 I'm confused. I can get $139 off a year and a half old model? I can get $100 off the newest model from Apple itself. At least the link takes you to the proper page.
The King James version is an interpretation/perversion as well.  Not that I'm a biblical scholar or anything, but I think the "word of God" and the teachings of Jesus occurred before 1611 AD.   Heck who knows maybe the real Bible was something else entirely and the Samsung of the day totally remade it into what we perceive now. 1000 years from now history may tell us that Android supplanted Blackberry and iOS was a minor sect banished to the wilderness.
The day this passes is the day I post a sign up that my businesses do not serve Christians as their behavior is against my religious belief.
Maybe it's because Google and BofA haven't shown gains of 120% in the past two years and 80% in just this year alone.  There's also the fact that there is twice as much Capital in Apple stock than both Google and B of A together even after the sell off.      Google was up 20% this year until it lost 50% of that gain in October.  BofA has been getting hammered for years. Still down 25% from 2 years ago. It's a place for new investment up 80% this year but again...
Being "Social" is for people that have forgotten how to really live with people.
New Posts  All Forums: