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I myself find it difficult to read things on the iPhone 4 so a 7" tablet would be ideal.  who knows, maybe they'll discontinue the iPod Touch and replace it with a 6 or 7" tablet/iPod.  I always thought the iPod Touch should be a 5" screen anyway so it parts more difference away from an iPhone and adds more value with the bigger screen.  Kill two birds with one stone.  Do I think Apple would do that, nope I don't.  
got tired of Parallels constant upgrades every time a new of OSX arrived or a new version of Windows came out.  So, I dumped it and tried Sun's free Virtualbox which worked great for putting XP into a VM but had a few things that I needed that didn't work with Virtualbox so I bought Fusion4 and it works great.    Was Fusion4 better than Parallels, nope, but it felt smoother, gentler to me.  I always had issues with usb devices under Parallels anyway and the constant...
I like the new logo, font and choice of colors.  I think it is very fitting and clean.  Call it 'square' if you want it has a very clean look to it which is just fine by me.  I think it was about time MS started updating themselves.  
  Henry Ford quote - “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”
what's funny is that Microsoft calls there's Windows 8 when it's actually version 7 of their OS, so why couldn't it be iPhone 5?  But I am sure it'll be just The New iPhone.  
For $300.... I put the Nexus Q right there with the Dyson Air Multiplier Fan.  Both overly priced for what they do.      Feels like deja vu with the Logitech Revue Google TV and it's now at $99
I don't get it.  It costs more than the Apple TV.  It allows my dorky friends with bad taste in music to change my playlist.  Why would I want anyone to change my playlist and to top it off to pay more than an AppleTV for that crapability?     Does everything HAVE to be socially connected.  Can't we just do things on our own anymore without consulting a friend for a confidence check?     The Borg on Star Trek was something to avoid and yet in real-life more...
"The company has argued that Apple acted fraudulently to acquire the iPad trademark, "   That is so stupid... oh sure, Apple really acted fraudulently, more like your company is acting fraudulently.      
Metro is living 1980 nostalgia all over again. Welcome back to flat 16 colors in full EGA mode.
I guess the 24hrs is up on the Mac Mini cuz it shows $568.95 same as MacMall, nothing worth noting about here.
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