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Looking at the benchmarks of the two leading SSDs on today's market, Samsung 840 Pro and the Vector, I notice something odd between them. Samsung had faster reads than writes. While the Vector had roughly equal write/read throughput. Write 467.3MB/s: Samsung 840 Pro 490.5MB/s: OCZ Vector Read 515.3MB/s: Samsung 840 Pro 497.0MB/s: OCZ Vector Benchmark used is Blackmagicdesign's Disk Speed Test. My guess is that this was purposely done. For reasons I do not...
Demand for higher density modules is more with desktops than mobile.
It appears that (2x16GB) 32GB will become available as a DDR3-1866 module by the time Intel Haswell starts shipping. CORSAIR and Kingston are already selling smaller capacity modules at that speed.
I noticed that some laptops with mobile Core i5 and Core i7 can handle 32GB but because some laptops only have two memory slots they can only get to this memory size by two 16GB SODIMM modules. Would anyone have an idea when these will be sold? And please, no "what do you need a 32GB in a laptop for?" questions.
Has anyone upgraded the processor of the iMac7,1 to a Core 2 Extreme X9000? Hexus attempted to use a Q-Spec (qualification) part on their iMac upgrade and failed. Failed in the sense that even if the iMac booted "System Report" stated that it was using a 700MHz part and benchmarks reflected performance much slower than the original processor...
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