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I would have thought the lines would have been longer for the fact that the 16g 5s is already free with contract. Free, and its not even out yet.
Poor medical fields. They have no more "customers"
Why not just trademark the whole English language then? Pathetic
  At least 1 person knows, you.
So the general consensus is no on Samsung name brand, but its OK if product have Samsung parts?
A touch of xenophobia?
Cut and paste much ded? A couple of double postings in the article.
and in regards with cross-licensing?
      Appx $86.00 for 5130 Rps
  http://www.connectindia.in/mobile-plans/Reliance/postpaid/plan/1030.htm   Reliance Totally unlimited @1499       Monthly Rental Rs.1,499/- ~$25 (This amount has to be paid in your monthly billing cycle)      Plan Details   Local Calls : 0 Paise/Sec STD Calls : 0 Paise/Sec SMS : 1 Rs./SMS More Details Freebies   All Local and STD calls free. 3000 Local and STD SMS free monthly 5 GB Free data usage On 3G   ... under $50.00
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