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Maybe apple wants the code to the core services.
Confirmation on what?
Wow, I guess I ruffled someone's feathers.
Data show iOS leads over Android maybe because iOS users are glued to their iDevices 24/7.
Stupid comparison. There's a 2-3 years waiting time for a Ferrari, iphone doesn't. Big difference between a phone and a car.
Just dont install it. Problem solved.
Some posters' aluminum hats are too tight.
Need to invest in aluminum stocks. I think its the most widely used material by posters in this forum. 5. 4. 3. 2. ...
In a class action suit, only the lawyers win. They the first cut, about 30% plus other expense. Then they divide the rest to everyone else. That's why its only $15.00
So if I buy an app, I own it? Its mine to do whatever I want to do with it? Like maybe share it with others? I dont want any monetary compensation, just want to share it.
New Posts  All Forums: