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  http://www.cnbc.com/id/100548741    Roll out of 5,000 Samsung Chromebook 550s to provide equal opportunities to students and empower an educational transformation
Check out Google Now for Chrome. Now even Microsoft users can use it.
Erm ... Apple is 9th out of 25 in taxes paid by Corporations. http://www.forbes.com/sites/christopherhelman/2012/04/16/which-megacorps-pay-megataxes/     9. Apple Income taxes paid: $4 billion Total revenue: $128 billion Net income: $33 billion Effective tax rate: 24.6% Data: Thomson Reuters Fundamentals via FactSet Research Systems.
Rental or Free? How much they would charge you if you break one? And if you can't pay for it, they make you stay on board till someone can pay for it? 
Wow, TS is on the roll on post deletions again.
  Actually, its cheaper to pay ETF than to buy it outright. For example, S3 is about $699.00 w/o contract. If you get a discounted S3 at $49.99 when it was on sale and terminate contract for $320.00, total cost is about $369.99 vice 699. Even with normal 2 yr deal of $199.99 (plus ETF $320) its only $519.99. still a saving.
Loan? What loan? No such thing in my telco contract. It just say to get a "discounted" price, a new/renewal 2 year contract.
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I guess ,just as long they get their normal 30%.
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