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How much will the transfer fee be?
  "We need a miracle!" "Look! It's Miracle!"
So, Nokia can't tackle Samsung on its own and has to bring their lunch money to Apple. "Pawn takes the Queen. Knight takes the Queen. Bishop takes the Queen. Gangbang!"
@Frood ... actually, you can buy vintage ron jons on ebay and other online stores. Can you get any ios app anywhere else besides iTunes?
  I believe when that shine dulls and fades, its called an oxidation.
  Warren Buffett Posted by: Pro Updated: 12.02.12 Views: 11,122,481 User Rating: 3.81/569 TheStreet Rating: B RATE NOW Log in to rate this portfolio Follow Log in to follow   Description: As of September 30, 2012, funds at Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway were valued at $75.33 billion. During the quarter, Berkshire had 38 total positions.  In addition to the 30 top holdings below, Buffett also owned General Electric (GE), Verisk...
Maybe it is, with a facelift.
What? Plastic iPhone?
  Robert Raphael Hayim "Robin" Jacob (born 26 April 1941), now styled The Rt Hon. Professor Sir Robin Jacob, was as Lord Justice Jacob a judge in the Court of Appeal of England and Wales.[1] His primary area of expertise is intellectual property rights. He was admitted to the IP Hall of Fame in 2006.[2] He retired from the Court of Appeal in March 2011 (acknowledged in a valedictory address[3] before a court-room packed with well-wishers) to take up his current position...
  Sure, rename it to Mansanas.    
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