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Hello,   Recently, I came across a Digisol product which could turn a 3G data card into an instant Wi-fi spot. I am having an iPad 4 (Wifi only, 32GB) and was wondering whether I can use this device to keep myself with the 3G connection without turning out for WiFi+3G iPad now.   Link to the product: http://www.digisol.com/pDetails.aspx?PID=1&ID=6&PRODID=122   Thanks in advance for the help Chinmay
I saw that SD Card connector, aka Camera Kit. What exactly does it do? Or is it just the photos that it transfers/stores?
I do hope that I remain near the computer often. As I am thinking, I may not need to worry more on that now. It won't be that a big issue, I guess. Being my first Apple product, I wanted to ask that does the iPad (4th) Wi Fi need any unlocking or so? I am planning to get it from the US and I reside in India.
No. Not exactly. What I wanted is that I didn't want to fill up my iPad with all the useful stuff. What I wanted is that I need them to be handy. With my external hard drive with me all the time, I need not have to worry about missing any file. I hate to prioritize and stuff the files because all of my academic files are useful at any moment. It's like several e-books on structural engineering, high definition videos and lot more to stuff in an iPad. Can you recommend an...
Hello,   This is my first experience of AppleInsider and I need to ask a question about iPad's lightning connector. I am planning to buy an iPad 4 and am concerned about its storage. I have some huge amount of data that is needed by me on the go and hence I am thinking of the getting an iPad. My concern is that that data maybe around 80-90 GB which include frequently used academic videos, e-books and other stuff. Now, can this lightning connector be used like an...
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