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you are funny. Of course moving large quantities of hardware is important to Apple. They can move millions of $99 boxes if they can show real value to the public. TVs are a much harder proposition. First due the high price. Second consumers don't update their TVs at the same pace they would with a small and cheap ATV boxes. Finally and probably most important Apple needs to figure out how to acquire tons of content, way more than what they current have available to excite...
If you want to talk about business sense then Apple should not pursue a TV set in the first place. Especially if you already think it will not have the best specs and cost premium price. AIO is great for products that can be update regularly. TV sets are products people keep for long time. That said Apple indeed can just release a TV with apps without giving the same feature to ATV. I wonder if that will be enough to persuade tons of people to pay high price for an AIO...
imo they are waiting to launch it on the next iteration of ATV. At some point they will have to provide that service.
Sorry but makes no sense Apple not allowing apps on the $99 box.The negative outcry would be huge. Most people already have a nice HDTV set and denying them this experience would be bad. That's why I hardly see them going for a set. Unless they just want to offer one for the sake of having one. To be very suscesful they will have to offer an unique feature on the display that people will die for to get one. Is that apps? I don't think so.
Well, I have no complaints with my Logitech. Like I said if Apple can give me something better, why not? but I would not dismiss my Kuro for an Apple display just because a better remote experience they might provide. I also think whatever solution Apple comes up with, they will integrate to that $99 box.
Yes, I know but my take is that you don't mind accepting something less. I for one would only pay premium for such device if they could bring me better quality than a Kuro. If not I will only stick to a new improved ATV box and droll at the image Pioneer can generate.
Well, I have Logitech's Harmony One and also to control my ATV, either my iPad or iPhone with the remote app. While I would welcomed a more streamlined solution, I have very few issues using the above and they do work quite well with my system that consists on ATV, Kuro HDTV, Receiver, Blu-ray and DTV cable box with DVR. Sorry that you have trouble with it.
? Remotes? Is that an issue to you?
Out of curiosity, in your signature you seem very desperate to get a tv that you consider will be the iMac. You tell me you have a Kuro that's the Macpro in steroids of HDTVs. Why is that? Settle for less?Appletv will basically offer all the bells and whistles and you still able to keep you high end display. That seems to me a winning combination than wishing for something like an iMac of HDTVs. Makes no sense.But hey, if that rocks your boat.....
All you said can be done with a $99 box. That's called AppleTV. The only advantage as far as I can tell is FaceTime with a camera on a Apple display, is that enough to differentiate from the rest? I don't think so. Apple must have a groundbreaking tech on the display itself to generate interest so people can move and pay premium price for it. Right now most things can happen on that $99 box that's easy to update and don't break the bank. We'll see but my feeling all the...
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