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Credit?Just looked on the Apple store and still no signs of a television.....No worries bro, maybe someday we will see such a thing. I hope it's good, because I am not selling my Pioneer 60" plasma for something less, oh wait maybe I just need an AppleTV box, that might give the same functionality for $99. That's a steal.
So Ireland, when is that Apple Television coming up? It's been more than 5 years man, tired of waiting....
I just bought the 12 core one recently. If you are a professional and make your living using a Mac, this is the computer to have. The case is old in design but is a marvelous of tech if you look inside. Very well build and designed. The damn computer is fast as hell. I just hope at some point Apple will bring back the 30" or plus with a redesigned look and matte screen.
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat and After Effects (way better than Motion IMO). The other software Apple is better.
I am with you. As a creative professional, I would love to see Apple taking over and finish this whole drama between the two companies. The last thing I want is Adobe dropping the Mac platform because this bickering.
Nope, Usually I use MactheRipper or Ripit. It's just a lot of labor then to transcode all those DVDs using Handbrake. For someone who has more than 200 DVDs is a nightmare, but I guess there are rewards for the labor. My understanding is if I use the MacMini as HTPC I can just use VideoTS and play movies through Plex or XMBC. That's really a huge benefit if it is indeed true.
Look I have iPhone and two Macs. Planning later to get an iPad.I am not sure my requests are such a big deal. The other boxes out there that compete with AppleTV offers these features and they have similar price points. My feeling is that Apple crippled the device either because of studios request or they do not want the AppleTV to compete with MacMini as HTPC.
What if they don't have any iDevice? I just feel is silly Apple does not allow the USB port to connect to a external drive and have the media stored locally or have a drive connect to Airport Extreme so it can grab content that way.
AppleTV is a huge disappointment to me for few reasons: • no 1080p (i understand the streaming bandwidth issues, but for folks that have in their libraries 1080p content (home movies/blu-ray rips)) • no external drive support via USB ( I don't want my Mac on at all times and if I leave the house with my laptop my family cannot watch anything) • Ability to play few more codecs. Specially VideoTS so I don't have to go through the huge hassle of transcoding...
I agreed it's disappointing the lack of 1080p. Maybe I will end up buying a MacMini and use it as HTPC without the hassle of transcoding all my home videos and blu-ray to a format AppleTV accepts. Maybe at the end of the day is the best way around, too bad I have to fork the cash for it but I am sure Apple will be happy about that. My only gripe is that front row UI is lame and I wished AppleTV UI could be applied to MacMini. Plex is nice but I am afraid my kids and...
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