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I hope so. If Apple largest display will be a 27" that will be disappointing. Once you go big you never look back. Seriously, I love my 30" display and I do hope a larger one.
yeah, it does indeed.
ZZZZZZZZZZZZ............ You have been talking about this Apple Television for the past 6 years if I recall exactly. Boy, let's keep waiting for it.
Well, I agreed that Flash is crap and usually that crashes my Mac. But Adobe is king when it comes to design apps. (Illustrator, Photoshop, AE, InDesign, etc) Since I make a living using them, I hope they can get their stuff together and have a good relationship with Apple. It would be devastating to the creative industries if they stop supporting the Mac.
This is going to be a massive success. One thing that will drive that will be developers. Once real apps are create to this thing start to trickle in, then we will see the true capability of this. Also I think multitasking might come once the new os. 4.0 arrives. Maybe there is a reason why in 2 months they will start selling this. Apple might be putting the final touches on it. I am buying one for sure and also can't wait for the new iPhone. Good times ahead for...
That would make my day as a designer. But I am not holding my breath. I am waiting for so many years to get another 30"+ to go alongside my 30" ACD and I keep getting disappointed every year.
That seems to be the case for me too. I switched from Verizon to AT&T in August last year and now they say only in March 2010 I can upgrade it under the subsidized pricing. Not doing it, specially knowing few months later a new version might be in the works.I want to do it in August when I complete one year anniversary.
I agreed, AT&T is not dumb to turn away consumers that want to upgrade and extend their services with them. In the end is $$$. Pretty sure after the initial hype of June/july sales, AT&T will be more willing to sell at subsidized prices the 3GS to current 3G owners.
It looks like you have to own the 3G iPhone at least 18 months in order to qualify for the $299 price upgrade for the 3GS iPhone 32gig. Oh well, I guess I have to be patient. \ I wonder after the initial hype, AT&T will be more flexible on these terms.
Let me get this straight. I can only upgrade at subsidized price if I wait 1 year since my iPhone 3G purchase? I bought mine around August 8, 2008, so if I go to the Apple store August 9, 2009 I can get a 3GS 32gig for $299? and add one additional year to my current AT&T plan?
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