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I don't mind the 24" LED design at all. The only thing is mandatory is a optional matte screen. Specially because most 30" buyers are professionals.
WWDC, I seriously think will be all about the iPhone. They might preview or finally give a launch date for Snow Leopard. That's about it.
New ACD's please! Specially 30" and maybe a larger than 30". iSight built-in. Come on Apple, it has been ages...
New Cinema Displays would be nice, since the current ones are in desperate need of an upgrade. Pro apps would be nice too
Well said.I hope Apple have in store new displays coming soon. Specially a larger than 30" display. For folks that design motion graphics or edit video/film content that would be a blessing.It's about time.
I actually would add a "D" option to allow external drives to be connect by USB port, that way there is no worry about storage space.
Very nice, I just hope the price will not be out of this world.
Thank you Carlos!For me the dream of Apple make a television and adding AppleTV to it it is just a waste of resources and money at this point in time IMHO.AppleTV first has to become a major player on their market before Apple contemplates the idea to move into the HDTV display business.Right now, Apple is having to overcame a major hurdle on the iTunes store. Networks and film studios learning from the music industry are not letting Apple have the tools to take the market...
Steve, I wish all the best for you. Get well soon.
It's about time to update that old line of ACD's. \
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