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Lame MWSF. Steve passed the torch to Phil to avoid the embarrassment of announcing no big deal products. I guess Apple indeed did not like MWSF anymore. What a horrible way to end the keynotes experience there. Hopefully soon a special event will bring what we are really looking for.
I agreed. I think the iMac and the MacMini might be update right before and possibly the MacPro too if there isn't any case redesign. Same for displays. Phil will probably focus on the MacMini only if it is indeed a new redesigned product, snow leopard and iLife and iWork apps. Maybe that's all we'll see.
My last PowerMac G5 quad was very noise, the latest MacPro's octo is very silent in comparison. I am pretty happy with the noise aspect. I can barely hear anything. As for updates for MacPro, I am pretty sure at MWSF we will see it. maybe with new enclosure design or just a processor and other inner things upgrade. It seems that Apple now update it once year. So it is not so bad. Also, I do hope they will upgrade the ACD line and have the matte option for sure. No glossy...
Even with no Steve at the keynote, I stand by my predictions. The only thing I can see is possibly a no redesign enclosure for Mac Pro. Everything else can be introduce by Phil. Let's hope so.
It makes totally sense to update the MacMini. With the economy struggling all over the world, folks are looking for good deals and ways to get cheaper goods. That's where the MacMini fits so well. I hope the next update will be substantial and the form factor can be smaller and the price points will stay the same or maybe a bit lower.
I will predict or wish: Mac Pro redesigned case Cinema Display 24", 30", larger than 30"? redesign like the new 24 but with option for non-glossy screens please! Mac Mini redesigned. slimmer case. AppleTV hardware and software update. iLife and iWork apps. maybe iPhone 32gig. Snow Leopard preview that's it.
RED announced their new cameras and set up. Just one word. WOW! www.red.com
no it's not, I agreed with you. Cheers
Very well said.
I agreed that the MacPro needs a design revamp. It has been too long and it's time for a fresh new case. Smaller will be nice as long as don't compromise the expandability we have now. In the end the MacPro for most folks sits under the table and nobody sees it. At least for me. I do look forward to a refresh on the Cinema Display line. Adding iSight would be a good move and please make sure there is a option for matte screens, since professionals tend to prefer it. A...
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