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That's what I have been saying all along. But I disagree with one point: With Apple indeed comes with a TV, I think will be a cheap version with AppleTV built in. So when AppleTV becomes obsolete, consumer will not feel strapped in updating it. Most consumers keep their TVs for years. Unlikely the fast pace of technology product that costs $200 like AppleTV that can be purchase every few years without breaking the bank. We will see. I believe it when Steve announces it.
Agreed. Specially the external drive support. That's the biggest thing for me. With large DVD libraries and many people using it locally without the need to turn the Mac on, this is huge. As for DVD or Blu-ray drives on it, would be nice but I think Apple will not go that avenue just because is their intention to drive iTunes sales. The only thing I would like it to have but I think it is not happening at all is DVR. Too bad, that would indeed make AppleTV great.
Thanks Apple for another special event for iPods. Now seriously, after this one, please focus on the Mac Hardware and software. We need: MacBook Pro updates MacPro updates Displays updates on the software side, improvements and bug fixing on Leopard and many other apps. Just a bit tired of massive iPhone and iPod news lately.
I think, I finally agreed with you on something.
Oh really? You should tell Steve, I bet he will be interested where you can get such display for that cheap. Well, if you are looking for a smaller screen and lower quality, then possibly. If you want the best in larger screens be prepared to pay big bucks. Apple is well know for charging premium. So if they go after the hi-end crowd, there is no way they will charge less than the competitions offerings for a product in par with their quality. No sure how is in Ireland,...
The next incarnation of AppleTV hardware probably will sport an upgrade in terms of HD storage, processor power among other things. If I am going to spend $5K (Pioneer Kuro average prices by the way) on a set, the last thing I want is to have a piece of hardware (AppleTV) built in that might have significant changes every couple years. So AIO set on the hi-end display market is not a good idea. I much rather spend $200 upgrading my AppleTV box every now and then than...
oTrue,Plus on top of that Apple has to figure out what segment they are after. If it is the hi-end, then they have to offer models on the 42" to up 60" plus, where the whole idea of AIO TV makes even less sense. Then the other segment is the smaller flat panels, where the idea of AIO is more acceptable.Also consider that people tend to keep their TVs for more time than they would be replacing computers or an AppleTV box. I had my Sony CRT for 12 years and I just replace it...
Thanks Walter and also everybody else who agrees with us in this respect.This horse has been beat up so badly and the truth is nothing new was shown here in the last year and a half that backs up the idea Apple will indeed come up with a TV and be profitable selling it. They actually can do that, but boy, I have hard time believing they will sell millions like Ireland predicts.If anybody follow a bit the flat panel TV market will see that most companies are having hard...
boy, it's about time. I do hope they redesign it alongside MacPro's. Also, it would be nice a larger than 30" display.
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