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I would like to only have one account for all- Icloud, Apple, Itunes store and etc.   Possible?   If I open up a "new" account to start using, my purchases and etc will not show up.   As far as forgetting password- I have them written down in a binder.  Often, when I try to log in, it says password is bad.  After X-# tries, it forces, FORGOT PASSWORD and locks the account.   I would love to have ONE account for all.  I kinda thought that is what ICloud...
Not sure I know what/how to dump accounts... On my Imac?  At Apple?   No matter if I log in on Imac, Macbook Pro, or Itouch- still have "fun".
For some reason, I have way too many Apple accounts and each has purchases and software and etc. on it.   Part of this is that when I try to log on, my password does not work.  Then I have to change it.  Works for a while, then not.   Apple Store Icloud Mt Lion etc   If I try to log on with my main e-mail, I get that that email is already in use.  Then I have to create another email.  I don't want that many email accounts.   I have to log out of one...
Marvin, thanks for Diskwave... much easier to figure out what files are taking up space.
Thanks.... that helped a lot. Somehow when I installed Mt Lion, I created a new Admin account with many duplicate files/folders.   I deleted the account, but some of it still shows in Finder - should that be deleted?
I-Mac w/ 1T drive... now shows only 118gb left on drive. I can't seem to find the disk hog.  I have off loaded many duplicate files and etc. Just installed Mt Lion - Jan 2013. Used to have a Fusion-3/Bootcamp partition.  Since my old Fusion will not run in Mt Lion, I am not sure what happened to that space. What is an easy way to find my disk hogs??
Forgot- OS= Mt. Lion- installed last week, but problem existed with Snow Leopard also.   It will write to  CD fine.
Moving misc files from external HD to DVD for storage.   As stated, I have tried cold boot, Toast, and etc and get some type of error each time.  I have used Canned Air and blown out the the DVD port.   I have deleated the User/library/preferences/com.apple.finder.plist file.  Still no luck.
I have been trying to copy some files from one drive to DVD. When I try to use FINDER- I get error- 0x8002006e. When I try to use TOAST 10, I get errors- SENSE KEY - MEDIUM ERROR SENSE CODE - 0X73, 0X04 SENSE KEY - MEDIUM ERROR SENSE CODE - 0X0C WRITE ERROR DISK FAILED TO BE WRITTEN... What the heck is up?? I-Mac Processor 2.66 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory 16 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
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