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I would not buy the trash can. There is no PCIe buss slots and were required to again add that to a third party purchase to hook up to ThunderBolt. The current Steve Jobs aluminum case macs should have at least added Thunder and kept going along with the trash can. I'm so disappointed I'm thinking PC again for audio production. My workstation software now supports PC fortunately. I still dislike Windoze with a passion though. I will run my '09 machine until it fails I...
I will soon. I'm so busy right now. Thanks for the help.
You mean this:  Actiontec 300 Mbps Wireless-N DSL Modem Router (GT784WN)
OK. I think I can figure all that out.   What is a known good wireless router for mac?
If I plug an ethernet cable it works fine. I use a WEP password on my two wire 2701HG-B. When it fails I have to turn off wifi for about 15 seconds then turn it back on. Or, I have to tell it to join other networks thn put in my network and pass. I do this at least five times after opening Safari and trying to browse. I have checked keychain repeatedly and all looks fine but this still happens. 
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