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Tallest Skil, when I am travelling in an aeroplane, my phone is being charged via the seat-back USB port while my headphones are plugged in to the headphones socket. I am relatively stationary in that situation and I still cannot use my computer to listen to music. I agree, I am at a loss to understand how I will charge my phone while listening to music using these headphones. Cheers
I wonder if this LTE & Visual Voicemail stuff will be available for pre-paid plans too.   Cheers
Marvin, thank you for responding.   I finally managed to do it, but the hard way.   I created a TM backup of the Mini, created myself as a user on the MacBook, installed and updated all the software, and migrated using the TM backup, which then created my wife's user account with all her data.   So, now the MacBook is up and running, currently undergoing a SuperDuper! cloning.   Thanks again and cheers
My wife's MacBook's hard disk died (Intel Core Duo - verrrrry old). She also uses a verrrrrry old PPC Mac Mini (running Snow Leopard). I replaced the hard disk on her MacBook and installed Snow Leopard, and chose to migrate her info from the Mini to the MacBook. I tried Ethernet, the machines could not see each other even after 20 minutes. I hooked them up using Firewire 400. Migration Assistant on the destination MacBook asked me to restart the Origin...
The guacamole tastes like Apple
There's a new version of Handbrake out. Download it. Feels faster than the older version and has friendlier presets. Handbrake works for me on DVDs where because of intentional bad sectors MacTheRipper gives up. Cheers
VisiCalc was the first ever computer-based spreadsheet application. If you are talking about a suite of products, I think it was WordStar, DataStar and CalcStar (from a company called MicroPro) for 8 bit 8080 CPU-based CP/M computers with 64K RAM. Then SuperCalc came in from a company that was later to become Computer Associates. SuperCalc was the number one spreadsheet for 8-bit CP/M computers in those days. Then Mitch Kapor came up with a new rip-off of SuperCalc and...
Assuming that both machines were of the same quality and price (hardware), I would pay $129 (US) more for Mac OS X Cheers
These will become the new AOL floppies and AOL CDs
My 1 TB external is connected to my Extreme and my iTunes and iPhoto libraries are on it. My iTunes library has around 25,000 songs and I have no problems syncing any time. Cheers
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