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Assuming that both machines were of the same quality and price (hardware), I would pay $129 (US) more for Mac OS X Cheers
These will become the new AOL floppies and AOL CDs
My 1 TB external is connected to my Extreme and my iTunes and iPhoto libraries are on it. My iTunes library has around 25,000 songs and I have no problems syncing any time. Cheers
Is it just me or is the packaging for the Mini beginning to look like "If Microsoft designed the packaging"? I do not remember seeing iLife and such things on the packaging in some earlier versions, I only remember seeing the Mini itself and nothing else. Cheers
Bryan, Considering that P6 is now more predominant, are there any plans to offer imports and exports to P6? My company works extensively with P6 and since I prefer using Macs, I was wondering if this would be a possibility. Cheers
NVidia, you keep saying "maths" instead of "math". Would I be right in assuming you have a non-North-American background? The rest of the world abbreviates mathematics as maths. Cheers
Burlington, Ontario, Canada, originally from Madras (now known as Chennai), India. My G4 Mini has now become my wife's main computer for email, browsing and banking. My Core Duo MacBook is my main computer for the same, plus iPhoto and iTunes. My old 800 MHz PC with 512 megs of RAM and 40 gigs hard drive and CD-writer runs PC-BSD now, was running many Linux distros earlier, will run many more Linux distros in the future, just a machine for me to play with. At work I use...
Both of you are right - it never occurred to me to search on Garmin's own web site. I googled beanbag mounts and looked at the results shown and tried to read them all to see if they mentioned the Nuvi 250 specifically. I notice that Walmart is listed as one of the brick and mortar stores and some more stores in the Phoenix area, so when I am there I shall wander around and look. My problem was not just finding something specific for Nuvi 250, it was also that the...
Hi, I shall be visiting Phoenix AZ during Christmas. I am looking for a bean bag mount for my Garmin Nuvi 250 GPS. I have been looking all over the intertubes and could not find specifics as to whether the models I see will actually suit the Nuvi 250. They all seem to be for the Magellan or other GPSs. So, I am turning to you for help. Can someone give me a specific name and model number of a bean bag mount that is right for the Nuvi 250 and also where I can hope to buy...
New Posts  All Forums: