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Thank you two. Cheers
Thank you Marvin. I never knew this existed
Also, the symbol before the Command symbol, what key is that? Cheers
Put your Finder in Column mode, click on the song, you'll see a preview column to the right, click on the play button and you can listen to the song. If you want to delete the song, just hit Command-Delete. Cheers
No it was not an early unit, I bought it in July 2007 from Apple online. They did not identify the problem. The dealer just said it could be a camera issue and decided to order a new camera to check, that's all. Cheers
I had the same problem, took the MacBook to an authorised repair store, they replaced the iSight ans I am now fine. This problem seems to be cropping up pretty regularly now. I was the first case, you are the fourth in just three weeks. What happened with Apple three weeks ago? There should be a reason for this cropping up now in the last three weeks. Cheers
Thank you
Hi, Can someone tell me what the largest hard disc is that I can install in a MacBook? I think Apple offers a max of 120gig, but if I bought a drive from some store can i install it in the MacBook? Cheers
Well, there ARE a few articles on the Apple website about this, but I tried those solutions and they did not work either. So it looks like Apple are indeed aware of this. What more they are doing about this other than posting a few possible solutions that may or may not work in all instances, I do not know. Cheers
Yup, tried all those, nothing worked, took it to my local Apple reseller, they have ordered a new camera and connecting cable to see if that solves the problem, otherwise guess they would need to order a new logic board. Cheers
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