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The red-light district is a must-see tourist attraction, as is the hemp museum (right in the middle of the red-light district ) There is a pretty decent Madame Tussaud's wax museum too, within a 5 minute walk from the (wait for it...) red-light district You are just a little late for Keukenhof, the Tulip place.
India is not a Muslim country. India is one of the truly secular nations in the world where people of all religions coexist, where the country's leaders belong to different religions etc. The majority of Indians are Hindu, not Muslim, but there are Christians of various flavours, Muslims, Jews, Sikhs (the people who wear the turbans and beards), people who practice Zoroastrianism (followers of Zoroaster or Zarathushtra) etc. So please do not club all people of brown skin...
You have zoomed into your desktop. Press CTRL and scroll the mouse the opposite way and you shall see it zooming back out and you will be returned to normal and your desktop will stop moving around with your mouse. Cheers
Thank you two. Cheers
Thank you Marvin. I never knew this existed
Also, the symbol before the Command symbol, what key is that? Cheers
Put your Finder in Column mode, click on the song, you'll see a preview column to the right, click on the play button and you can listen to the song. If you want to delete the song, just hit Command-Delete. Cheers
No it was not an early unit, I bought it in July 2007 from Apple online. They did not identify the problem. The dealer just said it could be a camera issue and decided to order a new camera to check, that's all. Cheers
I had the same problem, took the MacBook to an authorised repair store, they replaced the iSight ans I am now fine. This problem seems to be cropping up pretty regularly now. I was the first case, you are the fourth in just three weeks. What happened with Apple three weeks ago? There should be a reason for this cropping up now in the last three weeks. Cheers
Thank you
New Posts  All Forums: