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It's not that good a product. The "of" is what is wrong here. Cheers
MLS works well in Canada on Safari, even on Panther.
I may be mistaken, but I remember reading recently somewhere that Apple uses SAP to run their iTunes store. The glitz etc. is just the front-end. Cheers
Ment? Burried? You should type slower or use the backspace key more often like I do Cheers
Hi, After struggling a while I finally managed to connect my Airport Express to my Airport Extreme network and use the Express to stream iTunes to my stereo. However there are a couple of problems which I hope the technically minded and iTunes experts might be able to solve for me: 1. I get a loud humming from the speakers when I connect the jack to the Airport Express. Nothing need be playing, just being connected brings out the continuous hum. The hum stops when i...
I don't know what to say other than mea culpa. Cheers
If BBC has started to use such terms, it is the beginning of the end Cheers
This morning while watching CBC's coverage of the Beijing olympics I heard the anchor use the word "winningest". I was not eloquent enough to be able to express my disgust in any of the languages I speak. I first heard this word used by some American TV commentator with respect to some American race-car driver. I remember thinking then that I should forgive this man because he was American and did not know any better; but when I heard it on CBC I had trouble containing...
Not "orientate", but orient. Not "preventative" but "preventive". Not "No admittance" but "No admission". Misuse of apostrophes. "It's" means "It is", not "belonging to it". "Belonging to it" is "its" without the apostrophe. "Between you and I" - that drives me absolutely nuts. It's "between you and ME" (note the use of the apostrophe in "It's"). "Him and me", "Her and I", "Her and her mother" - Yeesh! Learn when to use "he", "she" and "we" instead of "him", "her"...
Aresee, I used the default setttings, all unseen episodes. Everyone, oddly enough, I connected the iPod again today after I got back into town and synced again. This time for some reason, everything worked well and I can see the podcasts in the iPod properly, including the video. Ironically I was on hold with Applecare for this same issue while I tried this! Thanks again to everyone and I hope some day I find out why it did not work the first time and it worked...
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