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Is it possible to use any VPN client to connect to any VPN server or should the client and server be from the same company? To clarify: my employers / clients use different VPN softwares, so I have to install various VPN clients on my laptop to be able to VPN into their systems. Can I make do with one VPN client, say VNC or something or do I have to have all these VPN clients? Told you it was a stupid question Cheers
Well, I have the 160 gig Classic, filled up 123 gigs with around 24000 songs Cheers
I had the same issue a while ago and Apple replaced my camera under warranty. Cheers
You know what? Instead of my going through the dictionary for words beginning with H ( I am on page 15 of 68), you (or anyone else here), please give me words and I shall tell you whether the H is silent or not. That is much easier when I am totally sozzled! Cheers
One more - Heir, pronounced "Air" Cheers Still not gone to bed, still drunk!
I haven't gone to bed yet and I am still drunk, so please bear with me Cheers *edited to correct 'ned' to 'bed', I am still too drunk!
One more word occurred to me - Honour! Cheers And BTW for the Americans in this group, Honour is spelt with a U. It is not Honor! And it is certainly not Alooooooominum" it is AlumiminIUm, pronounced "alumi NI YUM" Cheers
OK, I am just back from the bar and I am not exactly sober but I shall attempt:HonestHourShit, I cannot think of any more right now, give me a few hours! On the other hand maybe these are the only words that have a silent H at the beginning!And BTW, when you're spelling orally, the letter H is pronounced "aitch" and not "hetch"Cheers
Yes, I am talking about RP English Cheers
No, the misunderstanding was mine! You were just being laconic Thanks again! Cheers
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