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Apologies to both of you for the delay in responding - and thank you both for responding. In iTunes the podcasts show up in the podcasts section, not in the music section. And when I synced (sunc???) the podcasts, I did go into the podcasts tab of the iPod to sync. bClapper, yes, the iPod menu is set up to display podcasts (or at least there is a podcasts menu in my iPod under which there is nothing) Someone on another forum has pointed me to something on...
Hi, Tiger with latest updates, MacBook first generation, iPod classic 160 gigs, latest iTunes. For the first time in my life I downloaded a few podcasts from iTunes - some of them video and some not. I then synced my iPod. Now the problem: I use the click-wheel and scroll down to Podcasts - there is none! I scroll up to Music, look at the playlist "Recently Added" and all my podcasts are there. When I play them, they play like normal songs but I cannot see the...
Hi, I was given to understand that the advantage of a DECT 6.0 phone over a 2.x or a 5.8 phone was that the wireless will not be interrupted when the phone is in use. It seems to be incorrect. I recently bought a Panasonic DECT 6.0 phone set to replace my 2.4 gig set. Now whenever the phone rings or whenever someone in my house makes a call, I lose the wireless connection for a couple of seconds and then it comes back. I have tested this a few times to make sure that...
Thanks nvidia Cheers
Is it possible to use any VPN client to connect to any VPN server or should the client and server be from the same company? To clarify: my employers / clients use different VPN softwares, so I have to install various VPN clients on my laptop to be able to VPN into their systems. Can I make do with one VPN client, say VNC or something or do I have to have all these VPN clients? Told you it was a stupid question Cheers
Well, I have the 160 gig Classic, filled up 123 gigs with around 24000 songs Cheers
I had the same issue a while ago and Apple replaced my camera under warranty. Cheers
You know what? Instead of my going through the dictionary for words beginning with H ( I am on page 15 of 68), you (or anyone else here), please give me words and I shall tell you whether the H is silent or not. That is much easier when I am totally sozzled! Cheers
One more - Heir, pronounced "Air" Cheers Still not gone to bed, still drunk!
I haven't gone to bed yet and I am still drunk, so please bear with me Cheers *edited to correct 'ned' to 'bed', I am still too drunk!
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