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OK Bergz, that worked, thanks A follow-up qyuestion if you don't mind: When I dragged Firefox from the "disc" to the Applications folder, it "installed", but the icon shown was not the Firefox icon, iot was the stylised "A" that is the icon for the Applications menu itself! Any iodea how that could have happened? Thanks again. I am really beginning to enjoy the Mini. I just turned on my other machine (my old PC so callously discarded since this afternoon *grin*)...
Hi everyone, I finally received my entry level Mac Mini two hours ago, my first ever Mac! I downloaded Firefox, double-clicked on the dmg file, double-clicked on the Firefox icon. Firefox ran. I then moved the dmg file to the Trash and also ejected the Firefox "disc" that was mounted. Now I can no longer find Firefox! Where is it? It is not in my Applications folder. Did I do something stupid? Do I have to download it all over again and start from...
Hi all, I am trying to convince my employers to buy me a Powerbook instead of a Windows laptop. I am a project manager and the company uses MS-Project. Is there an equivalent on MacOSX that has all the capabilities of MS-Project and also can export and import MS-Project files? I tried reading through Office 2004 for Mac and found something about Project Centre or something like that but that looks more like a fancy PIM with bells and whistles rather than a proper...
I have started to get these popups too and I am not happy. I have no objection to websites making money from advertisements, after all they have to live too. My objection is to the use of popups for this purpose. I shall not complain if you have banner ads on every page that keep changing with every visit to the page or something; I also do not object to using the entire left or right side of the page for ads, but please, please no popups. Cheers
Thank you k_munic. That helps. Cheers
Hi all If I create a DVD of a home movie on the Mac using iDVD5, would the DVD be region coded - meaning, can I play the DVD on any player around the world or would it only play in Region 1 (USA, Canada and UK) players? Also, assuming it does not region-code the DVD, would it record DVDs in NTSC format or can these DVDs be displayed on a PAL or SECAM TV? Or is this question relevant only for VHS and never for DVDs? Thanks and cheers
Would love to up the RAM, but can't afford the money at this time. Maybe in a few months I shall be able to. Cheers
Thanks MCQ. I maybe new to the Mac but am not very new to Appleinsider. Appleinsider contributed to most of my research and some wonderful people out here patiently clarified my doubts. Cheers
I just placed an order for my mini (entry level, $629 Canadian) a few minutes ago with a reseller here and expect to pick up my mini this Friday. I got a great deal - the mini + IWorks'05 + a Lexmark X-5250 Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax all included in the $629 Canadian. I am not planning on upgrading the RAM because for my use the mini seems to perform well enough with 256. My first ever Mac (have been lusting after one ever since the lamp-imac came out). Have been...
Hmm... one reply that contradicts the first two. Thanks for the responses I shall use those discs on my PC instead Thanks and cheers
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