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Hi all People sometimes give me demo CDs which are the size of minidiscs, smaller than the usual CDs physically. On a tray-loading CD drive it is easy to read these as they fit into the smaller diameter tray. How would one go about reading these on a slot-loading Mac? Thanks and cheers
Thank you gentlemen. Now all that's left is for me to scrape the money and buy one of those cuties Cheers
Karl, thank you for responding. 3. The reason I asked this is because the Mini comes with a 40 gig drive. If I could have my /home on an external 120 gig drive then I need not worry about space. In my Linux machine I have 2 physical drives where the OS resides on one drive and my /home is on the second drive. This way I can keep changing distros without having to lose my /home every time. 4. Apparently the QT that comes default with the Mini cannot even play...
One question I forgot to include: My wife uses Windows and chats with her friends using Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger, including voice-chat. The tech at the Apple reseller told me that I-chat only works with AOL instant messenger. Would any of you be able to tell me how you get around this issue? Thanks and cheers
Thank you everyone for your patient replies. Yes Kickaha, my concerns have indeed been addressed Cheers and hope to soon become a Machead
Hi, I currently use Linux, have been lusting after macs for a long time, finally with the Mini feel I can finally afford to take the plunge. Have a few questions though and would appreciate any help. I went to two of the local Apple resellers here and neither of them was able to answer these questions. If these questions have already been answered, please do point me to the right threads. 1. I have multiple email accounts at home and would like to be able to...
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