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No, the misunderstanding was mine! You were just being laconic Thanks again! Cheers
I just go by the pronunciation. That's how I was taught in India (a former British colony if you remember )BTW, (sorry to keep correcting you) "Hysterical" - the H is pronounced. It is "Hysterical", not Ysterical", therefore preceded by "a", not "an".Cheers*Edited to correct typos*
Am a fan of Eddie Izzard Cheers
Midwinter, I don't think it has anything to do with the accented syllable. It only has to do with whether the H is pronounced or not. Therefore it is only logical that "Hopeless" should be preceded by "a". Likewise with "Uniform" and "Umbrella". Both begin with a U but the pronunciation of "uniform" sounds like it begins with a Y and therefore is preceded by "a" rather than "an" whereas "umbrella" needs an "an". Cheers
Err... The H is pronounced in British English. Therefore the correct way to say it is "a historic", not "an historic".Also, the word "herb", Americans for some reason pronunce it "erb". The British say "Herb".*Edited to add: Therefore Americans might say "Parsley is an erb" while the English would say "Parsley is a herb".Cheers
Thanks Schmoopy, but my iPod did not come with a power cord, only a USB cable. Cheers
Hi, My iTunes is on my MacBook, but for work I use a windows laptop. I travel a lot on work ad cannot be bothered to carry two laptops, so I only carry my work laptop (Windows). My Windows laptop does not have iTunes or music. All that is on my MacBook at home. Stupid question: Can I plug my iPod into my Windows laptop to charge it without losing any music? Cheers
Thanks Guinness. There is no message when opening Excel or Word, only when clicking on a link inside either. The weird point is that before re-installing Windows, it worked properly. So I am guessing that either he or I did something wrong somewhere and I am unable to figure out where. Cheers
Hi, A friend of mine with Windows XP Media Center has an unusual problem and if anyone here can help I would really be grateful. He reinstalled Windows and reinstalled all applications including Office XP. Now when he tries to hyperlink a local file within Excel or Word, he gets an error message saying that there are restrictions in effect on this computer and he cannot complete this operation and that he should contact the administrator. I am supposed to be his friendly...
TLA = Three Letter Acronyms Cheers
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