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Not trying to rain on your parade - just being curious, but why create another community when so many good ones already exist, including this one? How exactly will your new community differentiate itself from other Apple fora out there (meaning, why should I or anyone else join your new community)? Cheers
Obviously not. I am blessed with 20-20 hindsight. Cheers
Unfortunately it is Leopard-only, something I discovered only after downloading and installing on Tiger and it refusing to run
It sees a lot of use on the TV show CSI Miami. Looks pretty cool actually, very very Minority Report-like. Cheers
Well, like I said, this was a one-time exercise. I am never again going to transfer any more music to the iPod, at least not till this iPod dies. Cheers edited to add: BTW Teedoff, iTunes manages my music. I quite like the way it manages my music
Umm... it took around 6 hours to create the new library, around 6 hours to remove duplicates and then around 4 hours to sync the iPod. I did it all over three days.Cheers
Hi, I just finished syncing my 107 gigs of music and around 2 gigs of photos onto my iPod classic 160 gig. While syncing, I noticed that in addition to Music, Photos etc., there was an indicator for "Other" which ended up being around 1.7 gigs. Can someone tell me what that "other" could possibly be? Thanks and cheers *Edited to correct typo*
Well, I found a work-around and even managed to sync my 160 gig iPod! It was as follows: I changed iTiunes to NOT copy the songs when importing. I then pointed iTunes to a new empty folder for the default library. I then added songs from both existing libraries one after another. So, I got a brand new library, but no playlists or no ratings (which I frankly do not use anyway). I then painstakingly deleted duplicates (around 3000 duplicates) and then hooked up my...
Hi, I tried googling this and did not find much help, so I am posting it here. Well, to be precise, I did find some info, but it all had to do with iTunes on Windows. I seem to be the only one having this problem on a Mac. I am on a MacBook running Tiger, with 2 music libraries, both on an external 1TB Firewire 400 drive. Library 1 is around 25 gigs, library 2 is around 103 gigs. Library 1 is the default library by the way. I am trying to merge my two libraries...
New Posts  All Forums: