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Haven't used one of those since the year 2000. Am on a MacBook, running MacOSX, not Windows. Cheers
Err... I see nothing but a very large blank space. What am I doing wrong? Cheers
Yup, I realised it today. Sorry, I should have waited to play with it a bit before jumping the gun and getting trigger-happy with the questions Cheers
Hi, I understand that it is possible to sync my address book to the iPod - I see a "Contacts" menu option in the iPod. I am unable to find any documentation on how to do that. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Sorry if the question is too basic, I am new to iPod. Cheers *Edit* I just realised that iTunes syncs the address book too. Sorry, I was desperately trying to fire up Address Book and Mail to see if there were some option there to sync.
Thanks bg_nyc. Yeah I know it's hard to believe, but this is not just my first iPod, but my first ever portable music player. The reason I did not buy one for so long was actually because over the past so many years I have been building up my music and pictures collection and currently my music library is alone is around 98 gigs and until now there wasn't a music player that went larger than 80 gigs. So this 160 gig was a godsend, and that's why I went in for this Re....
Thanks! I guess I expected to have the actual dock itself . Cheers
I received my first ever portable music player 10 minutes ago - a 160 gig Classic and am in the process of syncing it now. Questions: In the box there is a white piece of plastic that I assume is the dock adapter. What is the purpose of that? I cannot plug that into my laptop. The iPod fits perfectly into it, but it does not look like any dock I have seen. Sorry to be so dumb, I guess being the last person ion the world to buy an iPod does have its...
I just received my first ever mp3 player 10 minutes ago - a 160 gig Classic. Am in the process of syncing it now. What do you mean by "clicker" and its being only on and off? Cheers
You can use Pidgin, it used to be called GAIM. Download it from here: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/pid...dgin-2.2.1.exe Cheers
I was under the impression that if my external were HFS, I would have journalling and also it would be a faster filesystem than FAT32, not to mention being safer. Please correct me if I am wrong. Since I am going to be using this external exclusively on my MacBook and Mac Mini, I did not see any point in making the drive FAT 32. This iTunes transfer is a one-time exercise after which my PC would be retired for good. Cheers
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