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I received my first ever portable music player 10 minutes ago - a 160 gig Classic and am in the process of syncing it now. Questions: In the box there is a white piece of plastic that I assume is the dock adapter. What is the purpose of that? I cannot plug that into my laptop. The iPod fits perfectly into it, but it does not look like any dock I have seen. Sorry to be so dumb, I guess being the last person ion the world to buy an iPod does have its...
I just received my first ever mp3 player 10 minutes ago - a 160 gig Classic. Am in the process of syncing it now. What do you mean by "clicker" and its being only on and off? Cheers
You can use Pidgin, it used to be called GAIM. Download it from here: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/pid...dgin-2.2.1.exe Cheers
I was under the impression that if my external were HFS, I would have journalling and also it would be a faster filesystem than FAT32, not to mention being safer. Please correct me if I am wrong. Since I am going to be using this external exclusively on my MacBook and Mac Mini, I did not see any point in making the drive FAT 32. This iTunes transfer is a one-time exercise after which my PC would be retired for good. Cheers
Thanks Teedoff. This looks like it could work! Cheers
Hi, I have 80+ gigs of music on my PC. My MacBook only has a 60 gig drive with around 12 gigs free, so I just bought an external drive (MyBook Pro II 1TB with triple interface) to move my music to. The plan is, once I move the music to this drive, I shall buy my first ever portable music player, a 160 gig iPod Classic and load the songs onto it. Thing is, since the MyBook came pre-formatted as HFS for the Mac, my PC cannot see the drive. So I shall have to go the...
Thanks smax. Cheers
Thank you MrTotes. Considering I don't have FW800 on my MacBook, wouldn't USB be a faster option than FW400? Also, can I connect the drive t the USB port on my Airport Express? Cheers
Hi, Over the last few months a lot of you have given me a lot of information about external hard drives and I am very grateful. I was still vacillating all these months and during that time larger drives started appearing. Today I finally actually ordered. I have ordered two drives, both at Costco. One is the 1TB Ethernet drive and the other is the 1TB USB/FW400/FW800 triple interface drive. The Ethernet drive does not have USB or FW, only Ethernet. BTW, both drives...
Yes you can. I do.
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