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Did you try doing a factory-reset of you Airport Express? Cheers
Thank you mrtotes. Cheers
Thanks Ebby. Unfortunately the public libraries here only permit you to renew books, not music CDs or DVDs. VHS tapes can be renewed but not DVDs. Go figure. As to making copies of the DVD, I do not have a DVD burner and so cannot burn a copy, which is why the question of viewing the DMG directly came up. Anyway, it is now a moot point because I just returned the DVD, did not have time to watch it. Cheers
Hi, I borrowed a DVD from my public library and have not had a chance to watch it yet (The Motorcycle Diaries). The DVD is due tomorrow. Is it possible to make a disk image of the DVD and watch the disk image like a real DVD? I am not interested in burning a copy because I do not have a DVD burner. I only want to be able to watch the movie. Thanks and cheers
Thanks for your opinion. Now, do you have a question?
The Sony's LCD panel is actually made by Samsung, so you may as well save a few bucks and go in for the Samsung unless you want the Sony Bravia name. Cheers
I already have a thread here about time arithmetic not working properly. Not a single response to it though.Cheers
Hi, There is probably a very simple answer to this and I am probably just being dumb, but here goes anyway... I am trying out the trial version of Numbers. I have an Excel sheet where I have Start Time and End Time and in the third column I calculate the elapsed duration. All columns are formatted as Time, so entering b-a in c gives me the correct answer. I opened this sheet in Numbers. The elapsed duration column gives me weird numbers. I tried to find a way to...
I don't know if this is a new feature with this update or if this existed earlier - in addition to being able to rearrange tabs, it is possible to click on a tab and drag it out of safari onto the desktop and make it a separate window. The effect while doing this is really cool. Cheers
Right-click (Apple-Click) anywhere on the Desktop, click on "Show View Options", choose "Label Position - Right" and you are set to go. While you are there you can also make the icon sizes a little smaller than what Apple suggests. Cheers
New Posts  All Forums: