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Anyone know how big a problem SATA cables are on these things? I've heard they can be problematic and act just like a hard drive failure.
I just realized this thread was started 4 years ago!!
Those files are part of the resource forks the HFS file system uses. Out of curiousity, how did you guys copy your files? It surprises me that the people at Apple had no idea what was causing it. Resource forks typically handle extra file information, like icon info that's not necessarily important to the actual contents of the file. You can do a Google on them if you like, which puts me in the same class as Apple tech support I suppose!
The same site that "MaddogTurbo" linked has a product named SpotOff that might help you. You can enable/disable Spotlight on demand with it. I think the way it's supposed to work (check their website, I'm doing this from memory) is that when Spotlight decides to turn on at an inconvenient time, you use SpotOff to turn it off. Then when you have time to let Spotlight indexing do it's thing, you turn it back on again. It supposedly doesn't stop you from doing Spotlight...
Thank you for your informative answer about how it detects cable problems.   My other question was how common this is on USB ports. To the best of my knowledge none of the USB ports have ever been subjected to impact, but then again I'm not around the system 24 hours a day either. I know a little bit of electronics because I was into it as a kid. I would think Apple would reinforce I/O ports or take some steps to make them not-so-hard to break. In any case the USB...
I was having problems with reading and writing data to a USB drive. It would erratically produce the spinning beach balls and once in while I would get a "cannot read (or write) to drive" or something like that.   I bought a copy of Scannerz to test it figuring the drive would be bad. I got Scannerz because it wasn't expensive - no other reason. In any case, I started testing the drive and sure enough Scannerz identified errors and irregularities, but with one catch:...
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